The fundamentals of using Essential Grid.

Make a Gallery from Selected WordPress Images

In this tutorial, learn how to use a the Custom Grid content type to create a gallery from your own images.

Using Custom Grid Content

In the last two tutorials we saw how to use two of Essential Grid’s three content types. We learned to create a video showcase in under 3 minutes using the Stream content type, and how to show off your blog using the Post, Pages, Custom Posts content type.

In this tutorial we’ll see how to use the third content type, Custom Grid, to create a gallery of hand-picked WordPress images.

Using the Custom Grid content type allows you to fill up a grid with a mix of just about any type of content you like. In this case we’re going to use it to showcase a selection of images chosen from the WordPress media library.

Below, you’ll find both video and written versions of this tutorial so you can choose your preferred format.

Note: If you don’t already have some nice images uploaded to your WordPress media library, you might like to add some before moving on.

Video Version

If you’d prefer the written version of this tutorial, carry on reading below.

Create & Edit Grid

Let’s head to the Essential Grid plugin dashboard again and create a grid from a template:

This time we’re going to choose the Babe Ruth template, currently on the second row in the gallery:

Open the new grid up for editing:

Change Source & Add Images

Switch into the Source tab, and this time set the content type to Custom Grid:

Staying in the Source tab, scroll down to the Add Items sub-section at the bottom:

Click the purple Image(s) button:

A dialogue box titled Add Images to Grid will appear. At the bottom right of that box, click the Add Bulk Images button:

The WordPress media library will open up. Hold down your CTRL / CMD key, click each of the images you’d like to add to the grid, then click the Choose Images button at the bottom right corner:

Your selection of images will be added into the grid, and it’s now ready to publish.

Save & Publish Your Grid

Just as we did in the last two tutorials, save the grid, make a new WordPress page, add an Essential Grid block to it and select the new grid:

Publish the page and enjoy the showcase of your hand-picked images:

Next Up: Digging Deeper into Essential Grid

That wraps up the Quick Demo Grids section of our Getting Started guide to Essential Grid. 

We’ve seen how, even while barely scratching the surface of what Essential Grid is capable of, we’ve been able to rapidly create three awesome looking grids.

Now that you’re familiar with the core process of using Essential Grid, let’s start digging into some more detail on what it can do, in the next section of the guide: Rapid Fire Overview.

Make a Gallery from Selected WordPress Images