The fundamentals of using Essential Grid.

Learn How to Configure Grid Settings

How would you like your layout, media, pagination and loading to behave?

Setting up Your Grid Behavior

Once you have your grid pulling in content in the way that you like, the next thing you need is to decide how you want your grid to behave.

In this section of the manual we’ll cover how to configure core grid settings, so you can set up your layout, media playback, pagination and loading the way that you like.

Note: All the options covered in this section can be found under the Grid Settings tab:

Let’s take a quick look at what we’ll be covering in this section.


In this section will learn how to use the layout controls in Essential Grid to configure even, masonry, and cobbles layouts. We’ll also see how to control the number of rows and columns your grid has, as well as the spacing inside and around the grid.

Media Playback

In the Media Playback section we’ll learn how to configure the way videos are controlled and played back within your grids.


In this section we’ll learn how to split your grids up into multiple pages and control the way a visitor navigates between them.

Smart Loading

The section on Smart Loading will teach you how to use both lazy loading and inline loading for greater efficiency in your grids.

Up First: Layout

Let’s kick off our Grid Settings section by first jumping into how to control layout, columns, cobbles and spacing.

Learn How to Configure Grid Settings