How to submit your VAT number later to start a VAT refund?

You can add your VAT number to the receipt which will automatically trigger the VAT refund process if the VAT is valid.

Our payment processor Paddle entirely handles VAT (sales tax) for all digital products sold to countries where this is a legal requirement, eg. EU member states, India, Australia and more.

Step 1

Go to to your license dashboard at

Step 2

Open the “Subscription Info” or “Purchase Info” and then click on the “Show Invoice” link.

Step 3

Open the “Add address & VAT Number” form to put in your data (see screenshot on top).

If you have updated your invoice with your VAT number and are eligible for a tax refund, Paddle will automatically process a VAT refund for your purchase. If you have not received the funds going back into your account in 5 working days, please reach out to [email protected].

How to submit your VAT number later to start a VAT refund?

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