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Let us help you by answering the most frequently asked questions about Essential Grid.

Will I be able to customize galleries to display work the way I want?

Yes, 100%. We understand everyone has different requirements which is why we give you maximum options to customize your galleries (whether it be WordPress photo gallery, video gallery or even audio gallery) to suit the way you want.

Additionally, all of our templates are easily customizable too.

I want my website to load fast, so it can rank higher on Google. Will your plugin slow down my website?

Our plugin is clean and non-bloaty so it’ll NOT slow down your website. Plus it also allows you to do SEO with deep linking and pagination so you can rank higher and get more website visitors.

I need a website with animations and designs that are far above average. Will your plugin help me do that?

We believe that animations give life to a website which is why we have included this functionality with advanced features so whatever you imagine, you can easily build it out.

What if I want a refund?

If you’re not happy with Essential Grid you can easily get a refund within 14 days by sending an email at [email protected].

I’m a designer/developer creating websites for clients. Will my clients be able to add their work without having to rely on me?

Yes, absolutely. The best thing about Essential Grid is that it allows your clients to easily update their websites without breaking anything.

Is it possible to pull images and videos from common social media apps directly in the grid of my website and WITHOUT logging in to my WordPress account to update the grid (Instagram, YouTube, etc)?

Yes, this is possible. Essential Grid has the advanced functionality of directly pulling content from the source without the need of going back and forth between the website and the source.

I have the free version bundled with a theme. Why would I buy the premium version?

With the Premium version, you get access to our 50+ plug-and-play aesthetic templates, plus you also get 1-1 handheld customer support to resolve all the tech issues.

So if you’d like to get free templates and customer support, investing in the Premium version is the way to go.