Load More & Lazy Loading

Essential grid has a multilevel “Load More” and “Lazy Loading” system. You can combine Lazy Loading and Load More together or use them separately.

How to Activate Load More?

Note that for the Load More option to be available, Pagination need to be disabled under the Grid Editor > Grid Settings:


Once Pagination is deactivated, you can select between Infinity Scroll or Load More button. The number of preloaded items at the start, and how many more items ate loaded on “click” or “scroll” can be also defined here.

Essential Grid will load elements with Ajax. Images will be loaded with a preloader.

Based on the lazy loading option these images will be shown as colored containers first, or only when image is loaded.

Lazy Loading

Essential Grid loads images on demand only if the Lazy Loading option is turned on. Only images will be loaded which are on the visible page, all other images are queued or loaded with low priority.

During the load sequence, images will be replaced with colored placeholders. In case high performance SEO is important, please deactivate Lazy Loading!

Load More & Lazy Loading

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